We All Have a Little Dick.

Based on true story, when BTC down, everybody become a LITTLE DICK! 

We lock liquidity & renounce ownership, now its up to HODLER’s.

Ready To Fairlaunch today?

Early bird catches the more worm…

Prepare yourself, dont be a Little Dick!

Countdown Fairlaunch

Little Dick Stage

Stage One

Little Dick Token
Pancake Swap

Stage Two

Whitepaper & Audit
ECO Development

Stage Three

Marketing and Social Campaigns

Stage Four

NFT Marketplace

Why Little Dick?

Liquidity Pool

40% Little Dick from total supply at Pancakeswap


50% Little Dick will burn before launch.


6% for Little Dick Marketing.


4% for Little Dick Developer.

Locking Liquidity Pool

Lock Little Dick LP after launch!

Auto Stake

4% Little Dick from every transaction, share for all HODLER's.

Healthy Liquidity

5% Little Dick from every transaction back to liquidity pool.

Marketing Little Dick

1% Little Dick from every transaction to promotion Little Dick.

Name : Little Dick
Symbol : LDICK
Decimal : 9
Total Supply :
Smart Contract :
Little Dick
Cause all paper hand have a little dick.

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